A graduate from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena with BFA in Illustration. He is a working Fine artist, Illustrator and Teacher. His work has been has exhibited widely including Jack Hanley Gallery in S.F. the American Illustration show in NY The “On Gallery” L.A. and the Exploding Head gallery, Toyroom Gallery in Sacramento. He has been published by the NY times Sunday Magazine and in the America Illustration Annual three separate times and in Mcsweeney’s “Dear New Girl as well as by the non profit publisher 826 Valencia.

If you want to contact me you can email me joelsart@gmail.com or you can call me # 916.206.1729

Currently he teaches Art in the Sacramento Area. His back ground is in Drawing and Painting. Currently enjoys working with analog materials using a soldering iron on wood to create wood-burnings as another form of drawing. He mixes this technique with oil stains and paints on wood panels to create his original works. His art practice is connected to deep connection with nature, wildlife, spiritual mythology and natural materials. His images are created with raw pine panels depicting animals, mythological creatures and and portraits using a wide variety of techniques including wood burning, watercolor and oils on handcrafted panels. He has studied the art works of the Americas, Asia and many Polynesian cultures in great depth. Inspired by nature and ancient art making techniques from americas and Asia by many of the indigenous cultures of these areas such as the Maya, Nasca, and the Chavin.


  • N.Y. Times, McSweeney’s
  • American Illustration
  • Lilayboy Jazz festival Brochure (liortraits of Musicians)
  • 826 Valencia (Children’s book Illustrations) Sacramento Bee Editorial Illustrations
  • Cover Designs and Editorial portraits for the Sacramento News Review
  • Chronicle Books (Concept Art for book design)


  • Jack Hanley Gallery S.F.
  • “Dear New Girl or whatever your name is” Group Show Giant Robot L.A. CA
  • Solo Show “On Gallery” Pasadena CA
  • Exploding Head Gallery, Tangent Gallery and Curate thee “Fire and Water” Group Show at the Toy Room Gallery Sacramento C.A.
  • Public Broadcasting Public Auction